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There is an increase in small business owners, whom prefer outsourcing some or all of the below services of their businesses. 

Cost-saving is a high priority for small businesses, as well as the risk and time-consuming tasks of providing additional employment for minor core functions. 

We specialize in and can assist with these services : Tax and Corporate Services, Accounting and Insurance

With just a click of a button, you can contact one of our advisers. You may attain more information on our services below or at  your earliest convenience book a free presentation.

Housing all your needs in one place, has never been easier.

Insurance Broker

Conventional Short-Term Insurance Broker

Insurance Adviser and Contact for personal and business insurance needs:
·   Specialized insurance product advice, provided by experienced Consultants·   One contact for all insurance needs, including inquiries, claims and cover      options 
Personal insurance for your comprehensive motor and household insurance package, tailored to suit your needs.
Business insurance, covers all eventualities you may face as a business owner, including loss or damage of assets, earnings and liabilities.

Self-Insurance Contingency Policy

Usually based on an underlying policy but can also be a stand-alone policy.
The benefits of such a policy are:
·   manage your loss ratios (how much you pay compared to how much you      claim) so that you can manage your premium·   build and have access to your own savings and investment fund·   profit from expenses by earning interest on your fund and saving on     conventional insurance premium.
All premiums paid into this policy belongs to you , as the insured and can be paid back to you upon request.


Small Business Owners have a need in professional employment as the accuracy of financial information and adhering to tax regulations is critical for any business decision making and good standing. 
We can all agree that cost saving is a high priority for all business owners , therefore appointing Peregrine Accounting (Pty) Ltd as your service provider  will not only assist you in maintaining costs to a minimum but also provide the professional service and advise  you need.
The professional services that we provide include:
Bookkeeping (Monthly processing in-house at your premises or not. Using accounting software solutions like Pastel and/or Omni to perform account reconciliations and preparing of management accounts)- Accounting (Preparing of Annual Financial Statements and management reports, Acting as Accounting Officer, internal review of accounts and compiling of audit files)- Tax (Completion and submission of required tax returns to the Ministry of Finance, amendments on client information and assisting in tax planning)

Tax Assistance

We provide support and handle various taxation matters including:
·         Assist with issues related to taxes.·         Preparing tax returns.·         Acting as a representative.·         Providing specialized advice on tax regulations.

Corporate Advisory Secretarial services

Strategic advice on optimal company and shareholding structuring that enhance shareholder value for medium to large corporate businesses.
We help ease administrative burdens of company structuring across functional and geographical boundaries.
Companies restructure for a variety of reasons:
·        Reduce costs·        Concentrate on key products or accounts·        Incorporate new technology·        Make better use of skills·        Improve competitive advantage·        Spin off a subsidiary company·        Merge with another company·        Decrease consolidate debt

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